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Updated: Jun 6, 2018

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Every weekend I’m trying to go to different exhibitions and galleries. I like to think that I know a fair amount of galleries in London, but obviously, there are so many that I don’t know; hence, I am discovering something new every week.

I decided, why not to share these little routes with you guys and hopefully, you will find them as inspiring and interesting as I do!

Last weekend I mapped out 4 galleries in West End. All of them are located in a walking distance from each other and it is fairly easy to visit all of them in one day, plus there are tonnes of coffee shops, restaurants and shops around, so you can easily combine your Saturday brunch with some art and shopping if you wish.

I mapped out suggested route here and also marked closest tube stations and a couple of coffee shops that I like!

I visited following galleries:

Mirian Goodman Gallery

Flowers Gallery

Waddington Custot Gallery

Almine Rech Gallery

Marian Goodman Gallery

Goodman gallery is located in the heart of Soho. The current show is a collection of varies work, by different artists, spread across two floors of perfectly white spaces of the gallery.

Open until 29th of March

Cristina Iglesias. S.T. (Impressionas d'Afrique IV) 2002

Cristina Iglesias. Untitled (Eucalyptus Room) 1994 - 1997. Close up

Flowers Gallery

I have been to Flowers Gallery on Kingsland Road, but never to the one on Cork Street.

I came specifically to see an exhibition by John Keane - Twelve Selves.

Incredible study of self - reflection and self -understanding based on experience.

Keane has described 'Twelve Selves' as an attempted to “tease out the essence of the most fundamental driver of human reaction, usually found at the root of all violence - fear.”

Open until 7th of April

John Keane - Twelve Selves

Waddington Custot Gallery

Waddington Custot is across the road from the Flowers Gallery. Current exhibition is called Invisible Cities: Architecture of Line.

I absolutely loved this exhibition! A collection of painting, sculptures and drawings explores the idea of a perfect city, real or imaginary! I also loved the way it is curated. As you soon as you enter the gallery you are set on a journey around the exhibition.

Open until 4th of May and I strongly recommend to see it!

On the left: Fausto Melotti. Witches. 1966 Brass. On the right: Maria Helena Vieira da Silva. La ville nocturne ou Les lumiere de la ville. 1950 Oil on canvas

Tomas Saraceno. LBG - 2377/ M+M 2014

Almine Rech Gallery

Almine Rech Gallery is hidden away, but make sure to find it! It has got a great exhibition of Günter Förg's work on, which includes paintings, sculptures and photography!

Open until 24th of March

Günter Förg

Günter Förg

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