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The Spring is here and I am very happy to share this month's art guide with you! If you like the colour as much as I do, then this one is definitely for you! Selected exhibitions are full of colour and fresh energy just like the Spring air!

Pierre Bonnard. Image: TATE

Pierre Bonnard: The Colour of Memory at the Tate Modern

23 January – 6 May

This is the first major exhibition of Pierre Bonnard’s work in the UK since the late nineties! Just like Henri Matisse, Bonnard is known as one of the greatest masters of colour! This exhibition concentrates on Bonnard’s work from 1912, capturing landscapes and simple domestic scenes painted from memory.

I have never seen Pierre’s work in person, and am really looking forward to visiting this exhibition.  This show gives us a great opportunity to discover Bonnard’s work and his unique use of colour!

The Mouse and his Child. Image: NOW Gallery

Studio Morison: The Mouse and his Child at NOW Gallery

28 February – 28 April

Unveil your inner child by visiting this sculptural installation curated by Studio Morison. This creative duo transformed gallery space into a functional library space, which becomes a borderline between function, art and design. The exhibition explores the relationship between adulthood and childhood through children’s fiction written by adult fiction authors, and provides a perfect space for reading in groups or alone. NOW Gallery will also host a number of literary events alongside the exhibition. All details can be found on the NOW Gallery website.

Tom Wesselmann. Image: Almine Rech Gallery

Tom Wesselmann at Almine Rech London

30 January – 23 March

Tom Wesselmann was one of the leading American pop artists, but was also heavily influenced by Henri Matisse. In his work, Wesselmann explored reclining female figures drawn in strong, definitive brush strokes and bold colours. In this exhibition, Almine Rech presents Wesselmann’s series ‘Sunset Nudes’ (2002-2004) – provocative blondes inspired by pop art and billboard imagery of the ’60s, which strongly resonates with Tom’s early work.

Pedro Paricio. Image: Halcyon Galley

Paricio – Picasso at Halcyon Gallery

9 March – 20 April

This is a unique exhibition showcasing the work of Picasso, one of the greatest artists of the 20th century, and Pedro Paricio, a more contemporary Spanish artist. Paricio spent two years working on this new body of work, which creates a dialogue with Picasso’s work and reflects his influence in Paricio’s work. This is going to be one of the standout exhibitions of the month… definitely drop by if you can!

‘Fata Morgana’ by Laura Buckley. Image: Saatchi Gallery

Kaleidoscope at Saatchi Gallery

15 March – 5 May

Last but not least, we have a collective exhibition at Saatchi Gallery showcasing the work of nine contemporary artists. Selected work will be presented in mixed mediums and will explore the distortion of human perception. The centrepiece of the exhibition is an interactive kaleidoscope, titled ‘Fata Morgana’, by Laura Buckley. The installation explores distortion through the series of colourful images. Yet another great exploration and use of colour in a very different way! The visitors will be able to walk through the kaleidoscope and experience it themselves, which makes this exhibition a bit more interactive than other gallery trips.

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