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Discovering Mallorca for the last few weeks has been absolutely incredible! This trip was a perfect ending to the summer, which turned out to be super fun (hence I am behind on posts) and a perfect break from the big city life, that I needed so much!

It was my first time visiting the island and it didn't disappoint! This place has to offer so much! I am sure, every single person will be able to find something that suits them the most and really enjoy it!

I have spent a few days in Palma and the rest of the time in a small place called Ariany. I also had an opportunity to drive around the island and explore its stunning coastline.

So here are a few highlights of the trip and a few of my favourite places.

Check out My Google Maps for the location and a few other spots that I really liked!

Famous Miró Mallorca Fundació

I have been told that Palma has to offer the best night life in Mallorca, but no one ever said that the cultural life in the city is blooming (and that is what I was after). To my surprise I have discovered a huge number of small independent galleries in old part of town. I dedicated one Saturday to my Weekend Wonders in Palma. My top galleries were: Juan Miro Foundation, Pelaires Gallery and Gerhardt Braun Gallery. You can find more about them in Weekend Wonders series.

As a city, Palma itself is very chilled.I really enjoyed getting lost in Old Town, discovering small cosy restaurants and eating a lot of gelato!

So here are my recommendations...


My favourite restaurant, without a doubt, was Toni's cafe! Incredible family run restaurant with super friendly staff and the most amazing food and portion sizes! Try not to overdo with your orders! We most certainly did, but I am not complaining!

My favourite gelato place was Rivareno.I am sorry I don't have any pictures of the ice cream. It has been eaten before I had a chance to photograph it, that's how good it is! However, it is marked on My Google Maps and here is a poster!

Mirador de ses Barques - the place that will always be the best coffee stop I have ever had! We came across this restaurant on the way to Deia and I couldn't believe the view that opened up in front of us! Coffee was great as well. You can also buy fresh local oranges an figs there. Oh, and dessert was on point! But the view ... I mean, just look at it!

Nature and beaches

Mallorca is famous for its beaches and every single one we visited was amazing. You do need a car to explore the island. There are so many hidden gems that you don't want to miss out!

One of the first road trips we had was along the North coast of the island. We first drove to Deia to visit Son Marroig country house and it's famous gardens with stunning views over the coastline.

After that, we made our way to the hidden Torrent de Parlos beach,which sits between two cliffs! As it was quite far away from us the whole road trip was an adventure, driving through serpentine roads for almost two hours was definitely worth it! However, we got there in the afternoon and the sun was hiding behind the cliffs, so I would recommend going there first thing in the morning.

My favourite beach was Cala Anguila. It is so small and intimate and the setting is so picturesque. I really enjoyed crystal clear water of the bay and the most perfect waves! Been there was somehow so different from any other beach I have ever been to. This little paradise won a special place in my heart.

Caves del Drach

The caves are definitely a tourist attraction, but it is worth it! For a change, they don't have crazy colourful lighting, but gentle and warm lighting so you can actually appreciate the natural beauty of the place. Another magical moment was when we all gathered in so to say theatre space and listen to a classical music performance played by musicians floating on the boats. The acoustics in this place was incredible and it is all creation of nature, rather than a man-made space. The whole experience was truly magical!

For more places check out My Google Maps

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