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Updated: Apr 10, 2018

A couple of weeks ago my friends were visiting London and they asked me to show around. I was very pleased and excited, when one of them said, that they would love to see something similar to Fred Butler’s installation, which he saw on my Instagram feed. The exact words were: “It would be great to see something bright and colourful like that installation. Just looking at it makes you happy!”

Without further ado, I came up with a route for our day out, which included three galleries, lots of colour and some tasty lunch spots!

We visited following galleries:

Now Gallery

White Cube Gallery (Bermondsey)

Tate Modern

Now Gallery

Now gallery was our first stop. We weren’t lucky with the weather (it was that snowy, freezing weekend) but the benefit of that was, that we were the only visitors in the gallery. So we could take our time and really appreciate Fred’s creation of a happy place.

Open until 29th of April

Fred Butler. Harmonics in Space
Reflections ... Fred Butler. Harmonics in Space

White Cube Gallery

I absolutely love White Cube Gallery! The building itself is amazing and they always have great exhibitions on! We came here to see Eddie Peake’s exhibition – “Concrete Pitch” A collection of paintings, objects, sound work and performance art. All carefully arranged in a room flooded with soft pink light. If you are lucky enough, you might even spot Eddie Peake himself! He will be in the gallery at scheduled daily routine.

We also saw installations and sculptures by He Xiangyu. As well as Andreas Gursky’s large-scale photograph - Rückblick (2015)

Open until 8th of April

We to The Ramp Go For Relinquish Unearned Privileges and Powers. Eddie Peake. 2017

Performing you. Eddie Peake


I think TATE is a must see, when visiting London. We were lucky enough to see Superflex – One Two Three swing! installation at the Turbine Hall (It might have been my third time, but this time I finally got on the swing!) We also wandered around the new extension and checked out the viewing platform!

However, you do need a whole day to experience everything that TATE has to offer. I can’t wait to come back!

Unfortunately this installation is not there any more, but I am sure something new is coming soon!
Superflex. One Two Three swing!

Superflex – One Two Three swing!

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