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Updated: Sep 16, 2019

Palma has a huge number of independent galleries dotted around the city. I have spent one Saturday wondering from one to another, discovering new artists and beautiful art! I have selected three of my favourite galleries as my suggested Weekend Wonder route in Palma. However, if you will take this route you will come across many more galleries and art shops! Enjoy it!

We visited the following galleries:

Juan Miro Foundation

Pelaires Gallery

Gerhardt Braun Gallery

Stunning tapestry at Juan Miro Foundation

Juan Miro Foundation

Miro foundation has been on my list for a very long time! I have always wanted to visit it. Unfortunately, on my visit, the main studio was closed for restoration works. It was a huge disappointment for me, as it was the main building, that I wanted to visit.

However, the rest of the grounds and the second house were very beautiful. The main exhibition hall is really incredible too. You can't see any of the interior from the outside, so it was a great surprise to discover beautiful exposed concrete and backlit onyx interior and the whole exhibition was curated really nicely within complex series of geometric spaces. The foundation has only a small portion of Miro's most famous colourful paintings. However, it was great to discover the monochrome series and his later work, which I have not seen before.

Stunning setting

Courtyard in Primavera Gallery

Pelaires Gallery

It was early Saturday morning when we got to Pelaires Gallery, so we had the whole gallery to our selves. I really enjoyed courtyard building typology and how it works as a gallery space! The art almost spills into the courtyard so you can enjoy it from outside and equally when you in the gallery you can see beautiful intimate courtyard full of greenery! Only if we had this luxury in London!

View from the courtyard

Gerhardt Braun Gallery

I spotted Gerhardt Braun Gallery on my first evening in Palma and had to come back. I was absolutely mesmerised by the floating iridescent instillation by Rosali Schweizer, that I could see from the street. Gerhardt Braun gallery also occupies one of the beautiful courtyard buildings and they are using the outdoor space to extend their exhibition, which I really enjoyed. I think the discovery of Rosali Schweizer's work was definitely the biggest highlight!

All about reflection

Bringing art outside!

The detail

More galleries and places to visit in Mallorca can be found in My Google Maps

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