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Updated: Sep 16, 2019

Last weekend I was visiting a friend in Cambridge and obviously looked up a couple of galleries to visit. Kettles Yard was the first one the list! The gallery and house have been recently refurbished and opened their doors to the public in February this year. We also visited a couple of smaller galleries on the way (but I saw plenty more, so don’t limit your self to these two)!

My friend suggested meeting at the Chocolate Chocolate - Hand Made Chocolate Shop (that’s right it’s never too much chocolate in one sentence!) and I couldn’t say no! So here we go we started our journey at the chocolate shop and wondered along streets of Cambridge in search of art and inspiration!

We visited following galleries:

Byard Gallery

Primavera Gallery

Kettle's Yard

Carol Peace - Figure On Two Circles 1/25. Bronze

Byard Art Gallery

Byard Gallery is a contemporary art gallery, right opposite Kings College. Don’t forget to check out basement level, is it open to the public and the exhibition continues downstairs. Here you can find paintings, sculptures, ceramics and even jewellery! Everything is for sale! So go on treat your self to something nice!

Veronique Lonchamp - Come My Love! Bronze

Kate Aggett - Signs Of Spring. Collage

Courtyard in Primavera Gallery

Primavera Gallery and shop

Primavera Gallery is right next door to Byard Gallery. The gallery spreads over 3 floors and it is like a curiosity cabinet!

This place is full of amazing handmade jewellery, colourful ceramics, paintings, sculptures and many more. You name it, and I’m sure you will be able to find it here!! You need to spend some time in this place because it is a little bit overwhelming at first. If you want to find a real gem, you need to look for it!

From ceramics to jewellery

Kettle's yard

Kettle’s Yard has been recently refurbished by Jamie Forbert Architects and reopened its doors to the public in February this year. I didn’t know much about the property, so I was completely blown away by the art collection that it houses! As well as the story of Jim and Helen Ede and the house itself! It almost felt too modern today let alone 1958 – 1973 when the house was a home for Edes! Amazing open plan spaces are just perfect for displaying art and hosting events! Kettle’s Yard house is a must see in Cambridge!

Unfortunately, the galleries were closed due to the installation of new exhibitions, but the café and gift shop were open. So, don’t forget to check them out and have lunch there! It is really lovely!

Stunning double height space opening views into the house

Collection of art, sculpture and beautifully crafted furniture

Cosy dining area on the ground floor

Extensive collection of Alfred Wallis paintings

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