Project by Kristina Reingoldt 

Kristina Reingoldt
Hi there! 

I am Kristina; with my project ‘On the Inside’ I want to explore the process that goes on behind the scene in the artist’s studios. We all know - good art speaks for itself, but I want to hear the story from the artists themselves and get a glimpse of the process, that they are going through while creating their work.


Being an architect my self, I am also interested in the space they are working in, as I believe that the right setting is a crucial part of any creative process. Workshops and studios always intrigued me. I see them as magical places, full of mystery and stories to tell.


Therefore I decided to meet up with some of the talented artists and get an inside view of their working process and share their thoughts, ideas and inspiration with you!


I am starting my journey in London, the city I have lived in for the last 10 years and the city that gives me endless inspiration and joy! 



Thank you!